Top 5 Go To Hairstyles

Source: youtube

You can do them for five minutes and are great for back to school

All you need is really simple: a straightener or curler, up to you, a hairbrush, clip, so you can either get a big one or a small one, up to you, and some hairpins; and last, but not least, of course, a hair tie.

Number 1:

I’m serious, this is how I would wear my hair straight and usually, when it is more kinked, when I wake up in the morning, just grab a straightener and just quickly run your hair through it, so it gets out all the kinks. And, you are ready for school.

Number 2:

What you do is section your hair into three sections. But, I have a lot of hair, so I’m going to section my hair into five, only because this would only work with people with really thin hair. All you do is, twist your hair like this, as tightly as you can, all the way to the bottom and just run your straightener through it. Just like that. It gives you a heavier texture. It is not exactly curling it, because anything that structure curls makes you look more dolled up. So, this is still more like a natural look. “I’m just here to do work”, but it still gives your hair a bit more like “Umph!”.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE