Straight Hair Without Heat

Source: youtube

Really easy and without any damage

Most women, who have curly hair, want straight hair and the other way around. But, it is really difficult, especially if you have tick curly hair, to have perfect straight hair with the help of a straightener, because the hair becomes wavy after a short time. Women with straight hair also don’t have perfect hair, so this article is also great for them, as you can have straight hair without heat and almost effortless.
The first thing you should do is brush your hair. Make sure you do it really well, because you don’t want to have any knots and it needs to be very smooth. Then, you should wash your hair just like always- with shampoo and conditioner. After that, brush your hair again.

Then, you should straighten your roots. You can do this by pulling your hair back into a very tight ponytail, but really you should try to make it as tight as possible. After you’ve put your hair into a ponytail, make sure that everything stays in place. For this, take a really fine toothcomb. Then, wait for an hour for the roots to dry. Your ends should be wet, so make your hair into a bun.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE