How to Prevent Split Ends

Source: youtube

See how you can protect yourself from this problem

When it comes to hair one of the worst things that can happen to it is split ends. Luckily, there are things that can prevent this problem and, fortunately, there aren’t so difficult to follow. Here there are:

1. No heat tools, thus, no heat styling.

There is no point in explaining the thing that everybody knows- heat styling causes split ends. The more you use heat tools the more you damage your hair and the more it becomes weak and it is going to break apart.

2. Deep condition.

One of the best products to use for deep conditioning is ones with shea butter. They are sulfate- free and silicone- free and they are made of natural ingredients. Deep conditioning is going to prevent the hair from braking and getting split ends. It will help your help to replenish and moisture. You can do deep conditioning once a week or every single time you wash your hair, it is your choice.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE