Hairstyles for School

Hairstyles for School
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Whether you are a parent of a child, a high school student or a college student, you want to wear hairstyles that are beautiful, simple and easy to maintain during the day. Your hairstyle is a reflection of who you are and this is especially true in a school environment where you want to express your individuality to others. When choosing hairstyles for school, you want to wear a style that is current but that is also decent enough for a classroom environment. You should also be mindful of your school’s dress code if you are a high school.

Add a 50s Twist to Your Style

If you are a college student and are fascinated with vintage hairstyles, you can wear hairstyles for school that resemble the ones from the 50s. One idea is to wear your hair with curls all over the top of your hair with a few ringlet bangs in the front. Pair this hairstyle with a shirt and a cardigan with a nice skirt or pants and dress shoes. Another idea is to sport a classy ponytail with bangs and you can wear this with a simple dress.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE