DIY: Hair Growth Treatment in 3 Steps

Source: youtube

If you want your hair to be long and healthy, see what you should do

Most of us probably want long strong hair and most importantly, healthy hair. We sometimes complain about thinning and weak hair, but there is a remedy for everything. Like everything else, however, you have to start with the root of the problem, in this case- the scalp. If you haven’t been taking care of your scalp or you have some kind of inflammation, but you don’t know about it, that could be the reason for hair loss or for not growing. This will help you cure any scalp inflammation and it will promote hair growth.

All you need is an onion. It doesn’t matter if it’s red or white. What we need from the onion is its juice. Onion contains a lot of sulphur, which your scalp needs. Sulphur creates blood flow, which makes your hair grow faster. And, if you have blocked pores, it will open them up.

Step 1:

You will need a blender or a cheese grater or a juicer and a container or a jar. Start grating your onion into the container. You will need a couple of spoons. When you are done, it will look a little bit like apple juice, because it is quite thick.