Cute Short Hairstyles

Source: youtube

If you are tired of the long hairstyles, to the extent that they have even become your trademark, you should try the short ones today.

Cute Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Among the cute short hairstyles for black women that are easy to manage, the layered bob is a good choice. You can either style it yourself if you are skilled or you can have a stylist fix the look for you. To add extra sex appeal to your layered bob, you can have a side swept bang near the front of your hair and some red or caramel highlights. The spiked pixie cut is also a good choice and you can add some highlights to this style if it is summer. Another idea is to wear short wavy curls in your hair and you achieve this look by wetting your hair and dividing it into two large twists. After you air dry your hair for three to four hours take your twists apart and style with your hands.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE