Chin Length Hairstyles

Source: youtube

You may want to wear a short hairstyle but you do not want it to be super short. In this case you can wear chin length hairstyles because they are simple to maintain 15-cute-short-hairstylesand you can look edgy yet still feminine. If you are not sure which chin length hairstyles work the best for you, cut out a few pictures of these hairstyles from hair magazines and ask the stylist which ones look the best on your face. Another idea is to read some beauty articles and find out some tips on getting short hairstyles.

Layered Styles

One good layered chin length hairstyle is the layered bob and the stylist achieves this look by first cutting your hair into a regular chin-length bob and then she adds layers to create the effect of curves at the end of your hair. This hairstyle also goes well with side or front bags. Another one of several chin length hairstyles is the angled cut and the stylist cuts your hair in layers to match the face’s shape. Some stylists have one side of your hair long with the other side short.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE