Black Short Hairstyles

Source: youtube

If you are an African-American woman and are tired of dealing with long hair, then you can wear black short hairstyles because these styles are low maintenance

Band there is an abundance of styles to choose from. If you are not sure which black short hairstyle looks the best on your face, you should look through a few black hair care magazines for ideas and you can also talk with your stylist to get her insight. Do not attempt to cut the hair yourself if you are not skilled in giving yourself a short cut because you could hinder your hair’s growth and the style will not look the best.

Good Short Hairstyles for Older Black Women

If you are ready for a bold move with your hair, you can wear a natural style and to get started, have your stylist cut your hair down to its’ new growth and maintain a crop hairstyle with biweekly trimmings and washings when necessary. Another idea is to wear short twists in your hair because it celebrates your African-American heritage and it looks good even if you have gray or dark brown hair. Another idea is to wear a medium-length bob with brown highlights if you like the extra pizzazz to a bob.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE