Attractive Pin Up Hairstyles for girls to get a glamorous look

Pin Up Hairstyles
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Various pin up hairstyles can be worn for a glamorous look for special occasions like parties, dates, prom nights, weddings etc. For getting such a hairstyle one can have short, middle or longer length hair. Pin-ups give a feminine look that is regarded as the epitome of elegance. Though a pin up hairstyle does take a considerable amount of time, one can put in some extra effort for a special time to get the extra attention. Pin up hairstyles are all about sexy curls and waves. One requires having the natural moisture in the hair to hold up these styles; otherwise which one can apply hair gel or mousse before getting the curls done. Some of the pin up hairstyles is discussed below.

Finger Waves

Finger waves look good on short to medium length hairs and a fun style for getting a beautiful look with few easy steps. For achieving this classic style, first of all one needs to dampen the hair part wise and apply a setting or waving lotion evenly on the damp hair. After that using the finger and comb, one can shape the hair strands into waves and keep holding them for a while to let it set. Similarly waves can be created by taking equal strands of hair.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE