5 Tips for Growing Long Hair

Source: youtube

Get your wanted hair length with a few tips
Is there anyone out there who no matter how hard you have tried or how long you have waited your hair won’t grow? Don’t worry. Here are the five tips which will help you grow long beautiful hair.

Tip 1: Take your vitamins.

There are vitamins which help with hair growth and you should take them. You will need biotin, collagen, vitamin A, vitamins from the B group, vitamin C and D, which are vitamins you should take in general. The hair needs good nutrients from the inside to grow.

Tip 2: Deep conditioning.

You don’t want your hair to be dry and damaged that is why it is very important to keep it moisturized. When applying hair conditioner, begin from the bottom and go upwards, but don’t apply it on your scalp. Let it sit for about 3- 5 minutes. Before getting out of the shower rinse your hair with cold water, because it prevents it from getting frizzy.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE