4 Options to Trim the Ends of Your Hair

How to trim the ends of your hair
Source: yourube

See how you can give your hair a healthier look

Every two- three months hair begins to split in the ends because of all the treatments we put it through. But, why should we give a lot of money to the hairdresser if we can do it on our own and that without compromising our hair length.

Option 1:

It is recommended to use iron scissors. If your hair is not layered all you need to do is to wash your hair and while it is still wet to comb it down, use your fingers as a guide and cut the ends of your hair. If your hair is layered, instead of combing it down, you should comb it do the front and cut your hair in a diagonal line. Comb your hair to one side, use your fingers as a guide and cut.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE