4 Easy and Quick Gym Hairstyles

Source: youtube

See how you can do a few workout hairstyles step by step
When it comes to exercising sometimes it is really difficult to decide what to do with your hair. If you make a bun, it may fall, if you tie your hair in a ponytail it may loosen and so on. Here are three hairstyles which are ideal for the gym.

Hairstyle 1:

Part your hair down the middle. Trace a line from the crown section to all the way down to your neck. Then, tie one section so that it won’t bother you. After that, take a section from the front and start French braiding your hair. For this, you should add hair to the top and bottom sections when crossing. Once you’ve reached your neck area, keep on braiding the rest of your hair as you normally would and tie it. After that, do the same thing on the opposite side. If you want your braids to look flatter you should bring the sections over each other and not from below. Once you’ve done the braids, merge them by making an opening in one of the braids and passing the other one through it. The other thing you can do is to bring them together and bobby pin there where they meet. Tie the braids together and that’s it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE