3 Waterfall Braids with Knots

Source: youtube

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Waterfall hairstyles are really fashionable and are not so difficult to make. If you like this style, these ideas will make you stand out from the crowd.

Hairstyle 1:

Part your hair on one side. Then, take a section of hair, divide it in two and do a regular knot. After you’ve done this, add hair to the top and bottom sections and do another knot. For this, you should cross your sections, take the one at the bottom, bring it up and pass it through the opening. Then, you should do the exact same thing- add sections to the top and bottom, cross them, take the sections at the bottom and pass it through. Tighten your knots. After that, bring the two ends together and tie them. If you want, you can secure everything with hair pins. Use as many as you like to make sure everything stays in place.