3 Homemade Frizzy Hair Remedies


When your hair gets frizzy you can treat it with natural products and do it yourself
Hair frizz is a very common complaint among people, especially the ones who were born with naturally curly or wavy hair. But, you can also make your hair frizzy yourself by not doing things the right way in your daily routine. Here are the three homemade recipes which will reduce the frizz and some tips for your daily routine.

Recipe 1:

You need one or two limes and one can of coconut milk. What you will also need is an empty container, because it can hold the excess of the remedy. Take the container and put the coconut milk in it. Then, you will need lime juice. The best thing to do is to squeeze the limes so that the juice is all natural. You will need 4-5 full tablespoons of lime juice. Coconut milk and lime apart are both really great for the skin and hair. When you mix them they tame the hair and they are great for hair loss. Split your hair in sections and apply the mixture. Put a plastic bag on your head, because the mixture is quite runny. Let it sit for at least one hour or sleep on it. Then, rinse your hair and wash it with shampoo and conditioner like always. Store the rest of the remedy away.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE