3 Easy Hairstyles with Rolls


Really interesting and beautiful hairstyles

We all want to look different from the rest of the crowd no matter if it is with clothes, hairstyles or attitude. That’s why, here are three hairstyles with rolls, which are different from any other hairstyles you’ve seen and which are great from when you want to stand out.

Hairstyle 1:

Bring your hair from the crown section to the back and do a three strand regular braid. But, you want to take a section, split it in two and leave the other one out and then you want to braid in that section. Take another section, split it in two as well and leave a piece out. Then, braid your hair as you normally would. Bring your braid to one side if it is easier for you. Tie it at the end. Then, take the sections of hair which you left before, wrap them around your fingers, place the roll however you wish and secure everything in place with hair pins. As you can see it is very easy and fast to do.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE