3 Easy Hairstyles for Greasy Hair

Source: youtube

When your hair isn’t at its finest, here is what you can do

When you didn’t have time to wash your hair or when you were too lazy to do it, it is always difficult to decide what to do with it, because you don’t want the people around you to notice your greasy hair. Fortunately, there are a few hairstyles, which will cover it and which look great.

Hairstyle 1:

Leave two sections of hair on both sides and bring the rest of your hair in a ponytail. Twist one of the sections, make an opening in your hair at the back and pass the section through it. Place it around the tie and secure it under the ponytail with another tie. Repeat the same steps on the other side.
Tip: Apply talcum or baby powder on your scalp with a big fluffy brush and massage. This will absorb the grease and oil instantly. Another thing which you can do to get rid of the grease is to use a cheese cloth or tissue paper while combing.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE