3 Cute And Lazy Hairstyles


When you don’t have the energy to do your hair, try these hairstyles
As the weather is only getting colder and windier, there comes a time, in which we want our hair out of our face, but still look cute. The other thing is that we are lazier in the colder months, so we don’t have the energy to do something difficult with our hair, which will take a lot of time. These are three cute and lazy hairstyles which are appropriate for these months.

Hairstyle 1- Big messy bun:

The first thing you should do for this lazy hairstyle, is teasing your hair. Then, put your hair in a ponytail and afterwards, tease your ponytail as well. After that, arrange your hair in a big messy bun. If you don’t like the way it turned out the first time, try again. Once you like how it turned up, keep your fingers in place and bobby pin there. Use hairspray to secure the hair. Then, to make it a little classier, put a head bend.

Hairstyle 2- Flat braided half- up bun.

If it is a windy day and you want your bangs and hair out of your face, this hairstyle is just for you. Part your hair in half and put the upper part in a ponytail. Afterwards, braid the ponytail and secure it. Then, loosen up the braid for more volume. After that make a flat braided bun from the braid and secure it.

Hairstyle 3- Knotted.

Take your bangs, split them in half and tie them in a knot. Then, take some more hair from next to your bangs and add it to them and tie another knot. Don’t be afraid of the knots- they come out easier than the braids. Make sure you hold tight while you do this. Tie the hair that has left in two or three knots, depending on how long your hair is. Then, pin it around your head or underneath your hair.