2 Hairstyles with French Braids


1. Hairstyle

We all love braids- they are always fashionable and you can’t make a mistake if you choose to make a hairstyle with braids. French braids are especially popular nowadays and that’s why we present to you two different hairstyles with French braids.

First, take the hair on your crown section, bring it to the back and divide it in three. Then, make a regular braid. Bring the braid to one side to finish it easier. Once you’re at the end of the hair section, tie it with an elastic. After that, take a section of hair from one side, make an opening in the first crossing of your braid and bring the hair through it. Then, take a section from the other side, again make an opening in the following crossing with your finger and pass it through. Repeat these steps over and over again. You can do this until all of your hair is braided in or you can do it 5- 6 times and stop so that it looks like a small ponytail. If you leave some loose pieces of hair in the front it looks more effortless.