2 Greek Goddess Hairstyles

Source: youtube

See how you can look like an ancient goddess

We all love the ancient clothes and hairstyles and luckily we can recreate them. Here are two gorgeous Greek goddess hairstyles which are really beautiful and are great for a more special occasion.

Hairstyle 1:

Take the hair on your crown section, smooth it down with your fingers and tie it. Then divide this section into three and make a regular braid. Bring it to one side to braid it at the end, because this way it is more comfortable. Tie it when you reach the end. After that, take a section from one side and start twisting it. Bring it to the back, pinch it a little, for more volume, make an opening in the first crossing of the braid and pass that section through. Stick a hair pin to secure it. Do the same on the other side. Twist the section, pinch it, make an opening in the next crossing of the braid and pass it through. Bring it up a little and pin it. You can stop here and you have a beautiful half- up half- down hairstyle.